Informatics Expo 2015


          Cloud, Infrastructure  and IT Management




Information online:




Next Wednesday on London Road concourse. Students from three levels of Informatics courses will be hosting the equivalent to an industrial exposition. It is part of their assessment and your support is appreciated. The main desired outcomes are:


·         The dissemination of current thinking on computer systems management

·         A focus on three main themes:

o    Cloud computing

o    Network configuration management

o    IT infrastructure management

·         Create a ‘Pop-up’ website in the cloud for the event – the webinars will complement this

·         Provide soon to be dissertation students with food for thought on their research

·         Offer potential stakeholders in research a platform to propose collaborations

·         Raise awareness among staff and students from other subject areas to technologies that require consideration in their future studies and employment



Online and London Road main concourse.





10:00 am, Webinar, “A Bird’s Eye View of Cloud Computing”


10:45 am, Webinar, “Amazon Web Services”


12:00 am, Webinar, “Google Cloud Computing”



2:30 to 5:30

Stands and collective presentations on London road concourse


Guest Book

There will be a guestbook. Please sign and feedback your experience. If you liked a particular stand or are keen to learn more or get involved in student research or enterprise, please leave your comments and details.


Main plasma screen

There will be a large plasma screen showing a slide show. Some students will intermittently present their work. They may also do this at their individual stand.


Audio Tour

Their will be headphones available to listen to three streams of audio:


·         Students offering a summary of their exposition contributions

·         A podcast by Paul Carden (School of Engineering) about trends and opportunities for education and research in the cloud and network technologies

·         A computer weekly series of podcasts:

o    “Hosted by Cloud Computing expert David Linthicum, this podcast is a no-hype look at the world of Cloud Computing. This podcast talks about what's new, what's working, and has expert guests who will provide you with the advice you need to be successful in the clouds.”


Career corner

This area of the exposition focuses on career paths in computing and business IT management and design.


AREBT case study corner

Some students have been working with an external partner in designing cloud and IT infrastructure for their needs. This area will offer an insight into requirements and solutions for this case study.


Counter Corner

In traditional academic style, this are will offer caution, risk management and counter points to the ‘cloud utopia’.


Wi-fi Interference Analysis

The students will be investigating if and how the wi-fi is affected by the audio transmission equipment using spectrum analysis techniques.


Post Event

Students Union Networking

After the event, there will be a gathering in the Students Union Bar for networking.


A website in the cloud

Post event, we will archive as much as video links and offer a platform for discussion. This will include:

·         A forum for topics and ideas

·         A place to feedback to the event participants

·         An are to submit dissertation, research or enterprise proposals



·         Research project co-ordinators interested in flexible IT solutions to support requirements including: big-data handling, processing, number-crunching, web-hosting requirements, pop-up internet presence

·         Students looking for ideas for dissertations

·         Teaching staff wishing to keep informed of developments in IT

·         Enterprise-active academics who wish to be able to ‘talk the talk’ when discussing IT requirements for projects with potential or current clients

·         Students looking for resources to help with exam revision centred around the Cloud